I went out the other day on my bike, along with my Go Pro strapped to my chest.  Because I had my Go Pro on, I stuck my helmet on too.

And then this happened




Seriously nowhere as gruesome as it looks.  Cleaning the grease off with alcohol was more painful if I am honest. I filmed that bit too but it didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping.  Seems that putting my helmet on causes me to crash!


On a lighter note, I have a little app on my phone – a general knowledge quiz.  Most nights when I get into bed I have a quick game or two, trying to get the highest score.  I often wondered if I would ever see two of my scores (or better still, two of my names) on the same screen, and then finally it happened.  Can you guess which two are mine?  Before you assume I am stupid, my highest score is more than 12,000 !



One response to “Synchronicity

  • jellyandcustard

    That does look painful Bud. You should have drunk the alcohol, that would’ve numbed the pain more.

    Taking a wild guess here, I have put a lot of thought into my guess, and considering your score is above 12000, you are using the pseudonyms ‘numbnuts’ – good title for a cyclist, and perhaps ‘fucktard’ which, through my bias, is a name to many tossers in motorcars who drive as such, fucktards, that is, that I honour the title to.

    However, ‘fucktard’ has a low score.

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