Storm Watch – Live from Inside Sandy

Yeah – that would have been a good porn film title in my younger years but today I find myself settling for the thrill of mother nature.

The storm has arrived with us earlier than expected here in Newport, Rhode Island with light rains and winds currently topping just over 55mph.  The boat leans quite a lot with that hitting us on the beam.

Worst is expected at around 19:30 this evening when we hit high tide, my feeling is if we can survive tonight’s high, things will drop off throughout the night with winds dropping and changing direction.  So a restless afternoon is on the cards as we watch the tide come back in and see if it will lift us off our mooring piles.

The shipyard has closed up for the day, many of the local businesses were boarding up yesterday when I passed them by on one of my little walks.  Generally I think it’s because they are all fannies and worried about nothing but check back again soon for an update




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