4th July Celebrations Stateside

Yesterday, I was talking to a supplier trying to get some spares.  When the conversation had finished, the guy said to me ‘happy 4th of July’! I told him I was English but it appeared to be wasted on him – maybe even some of you.  4th July is the celebration of America gaining independence from the British.  So why would I be celebrating a loss ?  It went completely over his head too.

So the septics won the war of Independence – or so they think!  There are two very poignant points I am about to make that will put into question the level of independence.

1.  When I woke up today and got on deck, on 4th July, a national holiday – it rained.  Things don’t get more british than rain on national holidays.

2. This is a beauty – for all of the remaining days of the year, the septics refer to the date in this way – July 10 or September 11, but for this one day a year, a day that celebrates an alleged victory over the empire, they say it the right way around ‘the 4th of July’ – just like us brits do all year long.

I think subconsciously – we won that battle.

I will say 1 good thing about America though – they do like to fly their flags, and they fly them with pride – something the English are afraid to do for fear of being branded a racist in their own country. While we are on the subject, Spain and Portugal too – you will see flags flying everywhere, but never upside down!

Recent Jubilee celebrations in England made me realise just how many Brits have no idea which way up the Union Flag should be flown – is there any hope for a nation that cannot fly its flag correctly?

But then it all went wrong.  Fireworks to finish the day off and the septics ‘whoop whooped’ the whole way through them. I find it supremely annoying so didn’t stay on deck to watch the fireworks but beat a hasty retreat downstairs.

There is one good thing about 4th July – It’s Colin’s birthday.  Easy one to remember that, a bit like my own birthday, my mum’s birthday (2 days after mine), Jake’s birthday (born on Friday 13th), David’s birthday ( a day after Jake’s) and of course sisters birthday (August – I get in trouble if I forget that one).  The missus reminds me constantly in the weeks approaching her birthday so I don’t feel the need to remember that one.

Enough – soon we leave Nantucket and head for Maine, but in the interim, for those confused flag fliers, please see the link to the Union Flag Act of 2008 below





One response to “4th July Celebrations Stateside

  • jellyandcustard

    Yo Goose! I totally agree with you about British people not knowing that there is a correct as well as an incorrect way to fly the Union Flag.

    I see it all the time here in Northampton. So sad. So stupid! Thankfully, at the old army barracks across the road from work, someone has their Union Flag hanging correctly in the window.

    Otherwise, they ought to be hung, drawn and quartered. Nothing short of treason to get it wrong.

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