Newport Pagnell

Well, not quite – Newport, Rhode Island, USA.  Pretty little place it is too, even the dogs on the streets are friendly, cars ready to stop at a milliseconds notice should a pedestrian get near to the kirb, and people say good mornng to strangers as they pass – now that, I really dig!

Was in the pub the other night playing pool with the rest of the crew when I had to take a shot that meant asking a chick to move off her chair.  I explained very politely that I was sorry and could I trouble her to move for a moment.  As she stood, I suggested that I better not miss this shot or I would have troubled her for nothing.  As I turned to cue up, I heard her friend ask ‘what did he say?’ to which she replied ‘I have no idea!’

You have to love the yanks!

Today was one of my most productive days for quite some time.  Managed a scuba this morning then in the afternoon managed to sort out my mobile phone and buy a new mountain bike.  Spent a few dollars on the bike too and picking it up tomorrow.  My theory was two fold.

1. the ‘cheap’ one I bought last year for 400 pounds has covered a little over 600 miles now and is about worn out, I am surprised it is still in one piece

2.Buying a more expensive bike means better build and longer life expectancy – also a dual susser to deal with my increased confidence and speed

So the new scoot punched a hole in two grand but it will also keep me amused, entertained and fit while I am on board.

Now, Newport is about to explode into a frenzy of yachtie activity.  Some bright spark decided to hold the America’s Cup here next week.  Thankfully, It looks like we will be away to Nantucket Island within a week so I wont have to suffer those yachtie twats for too long.  Todays dive instructor was one such of those twats, talked a very good deal which always leaves me wondering just how good he really was.  I hope he was better at sailing than he was at diving – piss poor indeed.

So tomorrow , the new beast is unleashed – I hope to break my high speed record sometime soon – but for now, check out the wheels and the specs on this mofo.


Thats about all for now – I expect that during tomorrows early morning walk I will meet some rather drunk monkeys on their way home after tonights festivities





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