Proving the Doctor wrong – Absolutely Priceless !

A few months ago I was tested for the dreaded colestorol – it’s an age thing, much like old men that stare into holes dug at the side of the road.

Doctor was quite worried, saying my LDL and HDL levels were too wide apart – the ratio was bad, and my LDH was a little high. So she quickly whipped out her prescription pad and wrote me out a drug form.  I told her that I would rather change my diet than take the drugs but she told me that I would now be taking these drugs for the rest of my life.

Today I returned a couple of months after her first assessment.  She asked me what was happening with the drugs and had I bought more.  I told her that I had never taken them and then asked for my colestorol results.

She looked at me and said ‘ You have done very well’.  LDL down, HDL up and the ‘lipids ratio’ is now good.  It must have hurt her.  So she said, we are all good then?  No I said, I still have the chest pain.  Don’t worry she said, we have checked your heart and colestorol and all is good so it’s nothing important!

WHAT ? – Nothing Important ??  Maybe not to you sweetheart, but to me, it’s not nothing to worry about until I know exactly what it is.  So tomorrow I will make an appointment for a second opinion with a different doctor.

On a lighter note – I have decided to try the self employed route this year.  Website is up and running, business cards printed and T shirts made.  I am just about to turn down my first offer of 5 months employment to see what I cn do elsewhere

Final exams on Monday 26th March


Wish me luck mofo’s




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