West Coast

10 days have passed since I arrived here in So Cal.  I can summarise the visit so far in just four words – so if you are planning a visit to Los Angeles, Orange County or the immediate surrounding areas – one thing you need to know


Four simple words that perfectly summarise what you can expect here. I did venture up to Las Vegas for the weekend, primarily to shoot some guns but I also indulged in a couple of other things that were of interest to me – indoor karting with electric karts and also indoor skydiving.

The karts were superb – and quiet too so you could even hear the music they were playing while you were razzing around – I posted the second fastest lap of the session, which was a disappointment – I overtook everyone at least twice, even gently giving some of the slower fannies a nudge as they slowed me up but there was one person that was half a second quicker than me – most likely that anorexic 14 year old that was also in my group – the little spotty twat!

Nonetheless – thoroughly recommended – www.polepositionraceway.com

After that little flurry – I was prepared for something a little more hard core so headed to Vegas Indoor Skydiving. I paid up, signed in and had an hour or so to kill before it was my time.  I watched a few kids having a lot of fun but more importantly I watched people my own age give it a go too. Finally, in a jump suit that the girls from ABBA would have been proud of, I entered the fan room/wind tunnel or whatever you might call it.  From this point – my description could only be considered gibberish so I have uploaded the video onto youtube so follow the link to watch it.  I will try to add all videos here but wordpress want to charge a lot of money to add video and youtube is free.


That was enough fun for one day.

Sunday – midday, I have an appointment at the Gun Store – Now this I thoroughly recommend.  Ok, it cost me 500 dollars but I had the VIP range all to myself with an instructor and was able to shoot a Glock 19, SIG SAUER P226, FN/FAL, G36, AK-47, MP5, M249 S.A.W., Russian RPD, AR-15, M4 to name just a few. Rifles in semi automatic and also in full auto.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect but a couple of them did put a big grin on my face.  For added bonus points – all shots were on target – even in full auto.


I have video of all of them of course – the muzzle flash from the AK-47 in full auto was very cool – I am posting all videos today hopefully so come and have a look – they will either be links to youtube or I will splash out and buy the upgrade for this site.

Tomorrow I am heading to Catalina Island for some scuba fun before finally heading back to blighty on thursday.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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