Snow at Christmas

I see you lucky buggers in England are getting plenty over the festive  period – snow that is!

I remain amazed at the british ability to moan.  First you say how you want snow for christmas, then when it comes , after a couple of days, all you can do is moan about the snow on the ground.

I miss the snow – i would love to be in england right now, sledging at Avon Dasset, followed by a roaring log fire in the local pub with a pint of guiness.  sadly though I can’t.

Today i am leaving St Maarten and heading for Turks and Caicos and wont be returning until the second week in January so expect complete silence between now and then.

Enjoy christmas and stop whinging about the bloody snow

3 responses to “Snow at Christmas

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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