Mac versus PC – round 3

So this morning i opened the pc and fired her up.  After a few minutes, it finally came to life, then opened windows calendar.  I like to open the calendar each day because i use it to programme my scheduled maintenance.

So it opens, then freezes almost immediately and slows the computer to a non responsive halt.  Ctrl/Alt/Del gets the task manager up and i can then manually close the programme.

Ever so thoughtfully, windows recognises there was a fault and asks me if i would like it to check for fixes and downloads that will help the problem i just encountered.  Of course, i said yes.  It also asks me if i would like to re-check on previous problems still waiting for a solution – I said yes again.

Off it went and checked a grand total of 619 errors (six hundred and nineteen) and came back with Not one resolution.

So in the big PC/Mac debate, there is a big plus at the moment for the Mac

Maybe i should get two T shirts made, one says ‘Team Jobs’ the other ‘Team Gates’. whichever system i am favouring that day, i can wear.

One response to “Mac versus PC – round 3

  • SteveO

    A wise man once told me all the bods who wright viruses use Mac’s which is why you hardly get viruses on Macs. Team Gates must have pi$$ed a lot of people off.

    I can’t picture you with a dainty Mac though???

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