And the crowd are on the pitch

They think it’s all over,
It is now!
And another chapter closes.  Finally today after almost 3 months of ‘working my notice’ i left the good ship Antares.  I wondered how i would feel about finally stepping off but in all honesty, i gave it no thought at all as i stepped off the scaffold for the last time. Almost 20 months has passed, intense, long hours, dirty, smelly, frustrating, cramped, testing, learning, contorting, swearing but generally enjoying the challenges that it threw at me.
I guess after such a long notice period, it was only ever going to be an anti climax.
So for now, its not so much onward and upward but more of a horizontal laze for the next 4 months.  Yes, i appreciate how lucky i am to be able to take 4 months off but i wonder just how long i will get before an offer too good to refuse lands on my doorstep again.  I have already knocked back 2 before today.
I am in serious need of some time to myself, time to unwind, catch up with friends, have a beer or two and ride those big planks !
Portugal is on the cards – road trip starts on 3rd July, Colin and Dean will be joining me. I am even toying with the idea of buying a ticket for the SudOeste festival.
Of course, this is not before an action packed month in blighty, including a yacht skills test at warsash maritime academy.  Can you believe that i have to sit a skills assessment even before i am allowed to apply for my next exams !!  It sounds completely crazy but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.
So, first flight out to gatwick in the morning then slowly wind my way north stopping off to meet with friends old and new – all long overdue.
Of course, i still need to buy a car.  Havent owned one in over a year now, thats going to feel a little bit wierd.  Have got my close ebay bidding eye on a Mondeo estate diesel which also has the steering wheel on the left, if i loose that, second choice is a Rover 75 MG ZT estate and if i fall foul on that, I am going to treat myself to an S type Jag.  Not the ideal surf bus but should be sweet for the road trip.  I even had a little bid on the V8 supercharged version – i admit, that was sheer indulgence, every man should own a V8 supercharged during his life but they were getting a bit too rich even for my wealthy tight ass.
So, my next update will be from sunny england and no doubt accompanied by a few photos from one or two boozy sessions.  be sure to come back soon

One response to “And the crowd are on the pitch

  • Mush

    Loving your blog! It\’s so hard to maintain though. I have 2 on the go at the moment and they keep me busy. Sounds like life is treating you well xxx

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