Reliable as ever – i just know she will say hello
Anyway.  Its bloody freezing over here today.  A small storm blew in from the Med and was causing a few problems this afternoon.  We managed to break 3 of the 5 lines that were holding us so there was some frantic rigging and engines on for most of the pm.
On a lighter note, i saw a potential new engineer on the boat today so things might move along quite well for me shortly.  I have booked a dentist appointment for July 2nd and can also head to southampton to do some more training before the end of June – its all beginning to take shape nicely. I may well be shortly confirming my next Warsash visit.
I keep wanting to create a new facebook group or two.  my first choice would be to ban the posting of horse photographs from profiles, my other choice would be to ban kid photos too – it all just gets a bit boring.  I would also like to remind people that it does take a little more than joining a facebook group to show your support for something – get off your arses and do something more suitable.
I catch a little bit of the news now and then and see the melle that is the general election.  I am certain Mr. Brown is doomed, especially after his cheesy little smile on one of the leader debates.  Of course, they are all as bad as each other – bickering like little kids but you know, i would be interested to see what those softie lib dems can do – its about time they had a chance.  Surely they can’t be any worse than the other two?
I took delivery of my diana vickers download on sunday – that hot little vixen has the most amazing voice i have heard in a long time – and you know, i dont really care if she dances or not.  Which leads me nicely into the past.  I stumbled upon an old stevie nicks video on youtube earlier.  that chick was seriously hot, and probably still is now.  I was mesmerised by her as a teenager and it is fair to say she still manages to stir my loins to date, albeit (i like that word) with a 20 year old video but who cares – hot hot hot!  And Mick Fleetwood always looks like a complete mentalist.
SO the remainder of the week should hold some nice surprises for me.  We should be lifting out of the water tomorrow, will have to wait and see if that still comes off, maybe a confirmation that a new engineer is on the scene, and maybe still even better is my discharge date ( and that is not a referral to some strange venerial disease).
Hmmm – that cherry yoghurt was good !
On saturday, i cycled all the way to the top of town with my rucksack on to the big super market – the damn place was closed, i couldn’t believe it, who closes a supermarket on a saturday morning.
Lets go back to facebook for a minute – people who send friend requests without photos – come on, i am 40 now, my memory is not what it used to be.  Dolphins, kids, horses, trucks and any other photo that doesnt show your face will not help me remember you – do it properly and stop messing around.
I would also like to know – when i was at school we never had a prom, i dont even remember anything happening that may have been called something other than ‘prom’.  So whats that all about – and what is ‘prom’ short for?  it certainly sounds like an abbreviation (why is that such a long word?)
Other recent activities that made me smile – an unexpected call out of the blue from steve brown.  I know he reads this page and even sometimes leaves a comment (which always makes me hard!).  The Jones from Mallorca, now we are in the same time zone, i regularly get calls of abuse – i love it.  Mr French, not a reader i am sure but he has expressed an interest in a road trip to portugal later this year with the sex pest and me – so , bring it on, i have plenty of boards to play with.
I havent heard from the faggot in a while so i guess he is seriously loved up – i guess it comes to us all at some point.  It still makes me chuckle when i remember driving to cornwall with a stolen statue in the back of my car and plonking it on his parents doorstep in the druth.  I laughed even harder when he told me that while he was at work, his dad had taken it to his house, put it on his doorstep, taken a photo of it and immediately emailled it to him at work.  That must have been one of the most well travelled statues in Drugby.
So i am almost done – will soon be departing the delights of La Ciotat and heading to blighty.  While i am there, i hope to blow the tops off a few with some old friends, Horley, Junior and Melv included and generally let my hair down before heading home for the summer and surfing my new found blubber away
Belly is gonna get ya !

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