pondering – 2014nm

Tonight, we are anchored off the island of Capri.  Its very mellow and surreal.
My first knowledge of capri was from coronation street many years ago.  some characters were going there for a honeymoon but i be buggered if i can remember who – i think it may have been alf from the corner shop.
Yesterday was a strange day – we left naples to head north after the boss cancelled his visit this weekend, then two hours out, we got the message to turn around and come back in, he was coming after all, then 2 minutes later, another call to say no, turn around again and head to Jersey, then minutes later, our final call, turn around again and head back to Naples, the boss would join us the next day!
All the effort to prepare the boat, twice in one day – but hell, thats what we get paid for.
By sunday , we should be clear and heading to palma for a day or two to restock and head out into the atlantic and north again.
Lastly, I would like to sincerely congratulate and thank Vodafone uk for their best ever summer offer – free roaming.  Because of their kindness, from 1st June until 31st august i will be available only on my uk number.  If you dont have it, just ask for it.
its a hard knock life !
Happy birthday Junior

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