Pushing the limits

Just wanted to see how long i could leave it between blogs before`people started asking for more………
As always – the ever so lucious Lisa Melvin keeps asking for more blog.  I even heard that Christine Thornton had been dropping by to have a look.  I thought she was a bit of a techno phobe but i have been proved wrong.
I reckon it must have been a month now since i last wrote.  I am sure it was while i was at home over christmas.  I do have an excuse though……..i really havent been doing anything else except working hard and keeping my nose clean.
I did go out the other weekend and get seriously wasted and lost the next two days because of it but nothing more.
Today we discussed where the coming season will take us.  Looks like a euopean start, then onto the caribbean again, over to the pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and the rest so it looks like i could be away for some time – not to be seen again until 2011.
Hopefully by then, i will have a liscence to rebuild the house in portugal and still have enough dollar to buy a new car and complete my training – after that, back to three months a year i think.
Last night, we had fireworks in Palma to mark the end of San Sebastian – what a lame show too.  The previous years have been absolutely awesome but not this year, it was hardly worth going out of the house.
So soon, the adventures will begin again and the blog will be revived to its former glory.
Be sure to come back soon, leave a comment or send me a message – you know you want to

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