The Last Supper!

Big sighs all round!  Tonight we gather in Warung for a group dinner.  Seems everyone is leaving for a while – or for the winter at least.  There is a very morose atmosphere here tonight, which is really far from normality, or maybe it is just me.
Something else i noticed – nearly all of my friends here are german – not that there is anything wrong with that, it just seems to be the way things are.  I am even considering learning german as a 4th language and maybe on my return i can surprise them in their native tongue.  I like the idea of being able to talk to other people in their own language.
The house has been locked down, my car is packed and i am ready for the road trip starting tomorrow at 6am.  Another early start but i am used to that by now.  I treated myself to some new music for the journey – strangely enough – one of the things i miss most about england- Jo Whiley’s Live Lounge.  Was a big treat too, three double CD’s eagerly loaded into iTunes. Sadly, the iPod shat the bed last night and i am trying to fix it as we speak.
I have offered the house to a friend of mine at cost price and he will move in tomorrow (strangely enough, a german dude) and i have also listed it with an estate agent here in Portugal.  It is most likely that i will make it back at christmas for a few days but after that, i will be gone for over a year so i figured someone in there for no profit is better than nothing at all.
Today i completed my rescue diver training – another certificate to the ever growing portfolio of qualifications.  I was also treated to a few rather cool sights.  the biggest crab i have ever seen – so big, i was convinced it was from the jurassic period.  the thing was huge – its body had a bigger diameter than my head, those pincers were pure evil, then to finish the dive, some shrimps in a cave and lasty cuttlefish.  Coming face to face with a pair of these beauties was awesome.  Daniel my dive buddy and me both sank to the bottom to watch the pair.  The pair stayed motionless watching us – a medieval stand off!  Then, unannounced, one of the cuttlefish started to change colour to blend with the sand.  I have seen this on TV many times but to see this just 2 metres in front of me while peering round a rock seven metres below the surface quite simply blew me away – it was a perfect ending to a week in Portugal.
So, at 6am, i start out for a four month stay in spain before sailing the mediterranean and toward the end of the year another transatlantic crossing back to the caribbean for the winter.
Choose Life !!

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