– the airline that flies late!!!

In the last couple of years, i have flown with these guys, i reckon at least ten times.  In those years, i dont ever remember them flying on time ever.  the minimum they are late is 1 hour, the worst they ever managed was 3 hours.
but dont think thats all they get wrong.  Being tall, i always get well pissed off with airlines that make you pay extra for a seat next to an exit with that little bit more leg room.  I get more pissed off with them when they sell those seats to short arses.  But what really pisses me of is when i turn up at the airport almost 3 hours before my flight is due to leave, find out my flight is delayed,  check in and don’t get the seat that i pre-booked and paid a princely sum of 15 quid extra for and then, get stuck in the back of the plane with all the screaming kids!
it’s a good job i can’t take my gun on the plane any more, coz i would have popped a cap in the ass of that screaming brat and also in the ass of his wishy washy parents too – and as for the little twat that constantly kicked the back of my seat all the way down, and his father , that did fuck all to stop him, even after i complained to him, i would like to repay you, and with one big final running fuck slap !! never again will i fly with these half wits.
And while i am having a moan – lets talk about paranoia.  specifically on behalf of gary, you remember my old friend gary, the gary whos name was changed to protect the innocent.  well tonight, when i logged on, i had 4 emails from her, ranging from a pleasant hello to a paranoid level of almost re-writing my blog.
Dear Gary……….i will contemplate your recent request.  I am sure you are aware of my reluctantness to change any of the entries on my blog.  i have done this for you a few times now over the last couple of years but i remain alarmed with your need to be erradicated from my past.  I am sorry that all americans appear to be freaking nut jobs and want to stalk you and track your every move.  i am also worried that you are seriously considering going to live with these arse wipes full time…
think it over honey

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