Nigella Bites

Ok, i have been in england for 5 days now – i have never been so cold in all my life.  I have had my biggest jumper on ALL of the time.
Until today – Firefighting day 3 – Practical tests.
Today i sweated my nuts off.  you just wouldn’t believe how hot it gets inside those metal test simulators.  Breathing aparatus, fire suits, gloves, flame hoods and wellies all adding to the heat generated by a pallet fire in the lower deck.
And there were no swooning chicks about while i was in my fireman gear !!!
But i did get a very special treat when i got home
Nigela Lawsons cooking show was on.  This girl, is seriously, and without a doubt, the sexiest girl in all of england – if you do’t agree, you are simply wrong!
She cooks with passion so intense, i keep expecting her to burst into multiple orgasm at any time.  If ever a phrase was made for a person, the phrase ‘english rose’ was made for Nigella Lawson.  It was a warm welcome back to the uk.
But enough of that – More firefighting next week, but this time, the advanced course!!!!!!!!  things are hotting up.
Tomorrow it is a day in the water, a custom build pool to learn about life rafts, jackets, water entry and rescue boats.
Saturday, i am venturing into Southampton City Centre for coffee and cake, will take my camera and be a tourist for a day
stop by soon

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