sunday surf session

Foiled – due to lack of surf
tomorrow morning i am taking a chance on Ariffana but it means an early start.  up at 07.00 which for me at the moment is a good 3 hours before my normal rising time.  Head north a little and take my chance.  All of the beaches have changed a lot since i was last here but i am banking on my old plan of two hours after low tide, usually gives a window of an hour and a half of good shaped surf.
Predictions for the west coast tomorrow are around a metre and a half so i am expecting to find a metre at ariffana, clean and no wind due to the shelter from the headland.  fingers crossed for a perfect morning session.
washed the car today and treated it to a new pair of wiper blades and also changed the key lock box on the roof.  after four years, the old one is siezing up too much to open to get my key out.
watched the WTC on tv this afternoon, the portuguese round from estoril, up by lisbon, the local guy won the race too so all is peachy.  Seat turbo diesels outpacing BMW’s – whatever next?  I wonder if they will let me enter my trusty turbo diesel intercooled 405 estate ?  i could even leave my boards on the roof too.
ah well – wish me well for the beach tomorrow, not quite a dawnie but still early

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