Spider – blue on blue

Holidays are coming – always coca cola !!!
Oh yes!!!!!!!!
for those in the know, you will be well aware that on wednesday morning, i finally arrived home after a monster 10 months at sea.  Every door that i opened was jammed with cobwebs, a bit like the haunted house on scooby doo.  I also had a call from some friends from mallorca who are holidaying for the summer too.  they came across to see me and will be staying for a while.
There were lots of dead spiders in the house, i can’t help but think that the spiders have been eating each other.
The place was a real mess, so far i have managed to clean up the bathroom, two bedrooms, the kitchen and the living room but that has taken me three days now.  I will eventually get round the whole house but i am pacing myself so that i can stll have fun on the way.
Managed a sneaky quick surf this morning and took rick and emma with me.  fair to say emma was instantly hooked and asked if they could borrow two of my boards today while i was away diving.
Had two dives today, cave dives at that.  very spooky but also very cool at the same time.  I was expecting the water to be very cold, after the caribbeans 26ºc .  Ok it was only 17ºc but with a 7mm wetsuit ( yes seven millimetre) boots, gloves and a hat, it didnt feel cold at all.  I have now enrolled for my next level scuba course, ‘Rescue Diver’ and also managed to strike a deal with the club owner – if he has large groups and needs additional help, i can dive for free and help him at the same time.  a cracking deal cosidering i will need 60 dives before i can take another exam for ‘Dive Master’.
At last i am in full holiday mode.  the sun is out, the sky is blue and guess what – no tourists as yet – heavenly. 
Of course, i went to see russ, he is still a cock, and have spoken with mason more than once – he is a bigger cock, so it’s all good!!
Tomorrow i have a hot date, saturday lunch in Almancil with a hot chica – code name  ‘Dierdrie’  – after the gary lineke incident, i may be changing some names to protect the innocent.
So far so good, a perfect start to my continuing ‘endless summer’
check by soon for more news

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