Atlantic Crossing

The time has come – finally.
It looks good for a late night departure on friday 28th – saturday 29th.  Bad luck to leave port on a friday night so we have to wait until after midnight.  Heading north slightly before turning eastward and heading to the Açores where we will be in grave need of more fuel.  After the fuel stop, we turn south and head to palma, sailing past Cape St Vincente, my home in Portugal for the second time in 9 months.
It is a soothing sight and always makes me very very homesick, especially this time as i have now been away from home since september last year, which was also the last time i sailed past on the return trip from Norway to Palma.
All being well, we should hit the açores within 10 days but of course, we are at the complete mercy of mother nature.
I must admit, i was very aprehensive about sailing the atlantic.  be honest, you could be 6 days from land at any one time, not a good formula should the shit hit the fan.  Now, i am a little more relaxed about it but i am still holding the atlantic in the highest respect.  I have faith in the guys i am sailing with and also the delivery crew that are joining us this week.  There will eb a crew of 9 all told and 7 of them i have sailed with before.
I have good knowledge of this old ketch and i am sure she will take us all safely to our destination.
so my day tomorrow will start with another dive.  I have to clean the propellor, propellor shaft, rudder, depth sounder, speed measuring gear and check the anchor doors.  After that little lot, the hull has to be cleaned, all to reduce drag, improve speed and keep fuel consumption to a minimum.  And today there was a fish swimming around, the size of a russian nuclear submarine.  I will be sure to keep an eye open for that tomorrow.
here’s looking forward to a productive week and dare i say it   ‘FAIR WINDS ‘ for the weekend

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