Dedication – As Roy Castle used to say

Its just before 6am local time and i am up, sitting on the cold dock concrete ordering parts from england.
Yes, i know being in the caribbean for such a long time is a pretty cool thing to do but it has it´s drawbacks.  when you need parts and you need them urgently and the rest of europe is 4 – 5 hours in front of you, you just have to get up early to get the order in.  It does help if you can find a supplier in the states but on this one, i couldn´t do it.
Now i wait, for confirmation e mail and then i can go back to bed.
Took my final test for PADI dive yesterday…….i managed to get one question wrong, which wasnt a problem in itself but just bothered me slightly.  I did of course double check the question in my study book and i was wrong.  Last two dives on saturday morning and unless i do something completely stupid, i am home and dry, except i am not, i am actually away and wet but thats just splitting hairs.
Our last guests arrive next thursday for ten days.  We will be cruising back around the islands before they leave us on 10th february.  After that, we head with the boat to martinique for a well earned week off and then load the boat onto the ship and then back to europe.  I can´t wait to get back to palma for a while, even better still, to get home to portugal for the summer and do nothing more than surf.
it is a tough life – i will probably win the jackpot on the lottery this weekend too.

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