Transitional period

I woke up at 7.30 this morning and realised that i needed a change so here it is, a new page layout.  Yes i know, it´s not brilliant but bear with me while i search for inspiration to add some more nonsense and complete crap.
i saw a t shirt for sale yesterday, on the front was a picture of two men, one, clearly a tourist, the other clearly a local.  The local of course was tugging on a huge bunger.  The caption underneath read – ´same shit – different island!´.
the other week while trying to tidy up my hard drive i managed to loose more than 85 cd´s.  Thankfully for me, i always keep my iPod well sync´d.  For those in the know, you can´t take tunes from an iPod to a hard drive – or so i thought.  I paid 30$ for a real smart piece of software and hey presto, i can now connect any ipod to my lappie and take tunes from it without affecting my own music. If you need the same gizmo, i can fully recommend this site
On the other hand, if you are thinking ´hey wayne you geek, it´s sunday morning, stop being a complete fuckwit´ and need something to smile about, then i thoroughly recommend the next link. you will need sound but at least it is work safe and rated úniversal´for all the family
or, if you feel like a good old fashioned laugh, again with sound and a universal rating
have a good day at church

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