Old Money

Nothing reeks of it more than a Range Rover Vogue ( not that new american crap but the proper old enland pukka job) and two very special words.
last night we sat sipping beers having a discussion when one of the boys parents joined us. His very charming mother uttered two words that hauled my ass right back to blighty
Pudding – yep, i have almost forgotten about this one, from back in the day when policemen would clip your ear before dragging you home by the scruff of your neck to endure the wrath of your parents, then you would go to bed without any pudding!!!!!!
Fortnight – this has to be an old money classic, it is just not used by the modern generation and i have to say, i love it! Lets make it come back into fashion! Just make sure you say it loud with a very old english accent.
So our stay in antigua is almost over. tomorrow morning we leave for St Barts one more time before heading back to Sint Maarten to drop off our guests. After that, we could be heading to either Martinique or Antigua once more, just depending on where we ship from.
New year will begin four hours behind UK time and 5 hours behind you if your name is Paddy Whitelaw so don´t forget to send me a message to my old faithful spanish number.
ate a proxima

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