home again

well, here we are, all in one piece. yesterday scored a nice little wave at barriga and considering i havent been in the water for nearly a year, i did well, even if i could only manage an hour before i was exhausted.
After yesterdays surf, we hit Mitic bar in sagres for a jaegermeister and a few bohemias, and finished the evening completely munted. it was messy.
this morning, breakfast in the drom and checked the race progress and as expected, Nariida are leading. follow the link below for live updates
so a few errands to run before i hit the beach mid afternoon for another surf.
life is good, it has been for the last three years !!
i leave here on the 7th december for st maartin in the caribbean. i will be there for a minimum of 6 weeks but could also end up staying for 4 months, i just dont know until i get there.
will upload a few photos photos from yesterday, be sure to take a look.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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