wondering where i am ?

still here in tenerife. its hot. yesterday i went in the sea in just my shorts! imagine that, mid november and still warm enough in the water for shorts.
i rented a car for the weekend and explored the island. i have to say i am impressed, it is a very cool place. I sat at the beach today in playa de las americas watching head high waves crashing in. sadly, i couldnt get a board to go for play, maybe tomorrow will be more fruitful.
i tried to check in to a hotel for the evening too. first one i tried was well impressive. as i stood asking the girl if she had a room, the security guard came up to me and asked me where my shoes were. i told him they were in the car but he would not let me book a room while i was barefoot so i left. the next two hotels i tried were also fully booked so i have returned to the boat for the evening. seems tenerife never has a quiet moment.
so i am back in santa cruz for the evening.
It is unbelievable how hot this place is. i hear there is snow back in blighty, that should cause chaos for a few days. I have a week left here in tenerife and then i fly back to mallorca, grab my car and head home to portugal for ten days.
should hopefully have some good surf and maybe even in shorts too if it is still warm enough. sadly though, i will be leaving portugal on the 7th december, back to palma to get a plane to paris before leaving for the caribbean the following day. So while you are cold and chilly in england (or wherever you are) i will be blissfully unaware of it all in St. Maarten for christmas and new year.
before i go, i have to tell you about the trip down here from mallorca. As we were passing gibraltar we had a fish take the bait from the back of the boat. at the same time, we were also surrounded by the biggest pod of dolphins i have ever seen. I am guessing there were around a 100 of them. Anyway, the fish we hooked was putting up such a fight that we began wondering if we had infact hooked a dolphin. Thankfully, this wasn´t the case. the skipper used one of the deck winches to reel in one of the biggest yellow fin tunas i have ever seen. That also explains the dolphins.
but it gets better. when you sail at night, you get this wierd illuminous glow in the water from small organisms that are there. I am not sure if they glow like a radioactive cell as a defense mechanism from the disturbance of the boat cutting through the water or something else. Anyway, i have seen this before but in the atlantic as we sailed along the coast of morocco, the lime green glow was the brightest i had ever seen. as the waves from the hull of the boat spill outwards, the agitation makes these little critters glow light green, in effect making the waves illuminous. But what was really cool was when the dolphins swim alongside at night too. Imagine watching an old war film of submarines and ships. when the sub fires a torpedo, it leaves a trail of bubbles in the water. now imagine those bubbles are illuminous green and it is night time and you can see the dolphins approaching the boat like a torpedo, spinning and turning under the boat before they turn sharply and dissappear, leaving a light green trail for you to watch. it has to be one of the coolest things i have ever seen.

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