forgive me father, for i have sinned

it´s been 11 days since my last confession.
man, this place. i am completely over palma and cannot wait to leave. thankfully todays sea trials went well, all except for splitting a brand new sail in half but that will be repaired by monday so we will bunker fuel and leave on schedule.
it is wierd though. after such a hectic work period, patience wears thin, not just with me but for everyone. just one little sail today made it all better again. it was a strange feeling though. i was laying across a bildge trying to fix a pump at a good lean angle. suddenly the boat lurched even further over. My concern for the boat turning over was soon outweighed by the need to dodge all of the falling objects around me.
just as i was thinking ´this is getting a bit hairy´i heard the sail go above my head and the boat settled back to a more natural angle. it was a moment, thats for sure!
so monday we head off. 6 or 7 days and we will be in santa cruz, in the north of tenerife where we will stay and finalise the boat for racing which starts on the 26th. after that, i head home until the 7th of december and then St marten in the caribbean where we will stay until new year.
beyond that, i am not sure what i will be doing.
so my last day in palma is here. i am looking forward to sailing tomorrow, slipping into my watch rotation and around 6 days later, arriving in tenerife. today i am packing and stowing my stuff for the trip, i will have a cabin mate for the journey there so need to keep very tidy or should i say ship shape.
tonight i am heading to some friends for dinner, paul and emma. paul used to own the tavarua , which i am sure you have heard me mention on many occasions, and of couse, mason the cock wl be there too.
last night we all sat outside hogans and i had a stark reminder of one thing that is good about this place, there are just so many very attractive chicas, the latina chique is always very attractive but alas, i had little interest.
so that is my time here finished. i am sure i have kept you amused over recent weeks with my usual and unusual antics. stand by for an update in about a weeks time. in the interest of my own sanity, when we leave the dock tomorrow, my phones will be off and you will have no contact from me for around a week, maybe longer if we sink en route ! 
authors footnote. the author would like to send a massive thank you to the samsung phone corporation. especially, i would like to thank them for one superior function of their phones, the ability to completely block a specified number from contacting you, automatically dumping calls and not allowing text messages to be sent either. hurrah for modern technology

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