of course i am stupid!

but did you really need to ask?
i can´t find a reasonable priced flight anywhere for less than 300€. now thats gonna sting a little. So it looks like i might not escape the island afterall but i will definately escape palma.
have been having some very chilled out evenings this week. for those of you that havent read recently, i am staying on the boat. this gives me many distinct advantages.
1. i get up at 8 am and dont even have to walk to work
2. i walk only 20 metres for breakfast
3. i dont have to go food shopping ever, the cupboards are always stocked
4. PG tips pyramid bags………enough said !!!!!
5. i don´t have to pay rent which saves me upward of 400€ a month and i am a real tight ass
6. the chef cooks dinner every day, and she is good too
7. when i finish work, i only have to walk 20 metres to the shower
8. i have no need whatsoever to venture into palma itself
9. we leave in less than two weeks
so as you might understand, i am feeling well chuffed with myself.
also added into the fray, i get to go to tenerife without spending a penny, where i will remain for around 10 days before heading back to palma to get my car and head home to portugal. on top of that, mid december i have to fly (did i make that sound like a real chore ?) to the caribbean for christmas and new year before returning on a slow boat back to spain. This i have to do because i enjoy it and i get paid well too. sometimes life can be one big ass bonus.
authors footnote. just for those avid footnote readers, i would like to say that the free BMW competition is still alive, remember , a free beemer for the 20,000th reader. we are now close to the 18,000 mark so i expect it will go sometime around christmas or maybe new year so be sure to keep coming back. i would also like to wish my mum happy 68th birthday for today. i know she is an avid reader but at her age , i doubt she will be able to read this small text. if i get a clip around the ear next time i see her, i will know there is nothing wrong with her eyesight. lastly, i would like to raise a big cheer for blemy. a regular reader and a DD coefficient woman. life is great

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