moving on

It never fails to amuse me, the public apetite for real life dramas.
since monday morning, 200 of you have delved into the november archives to see what has been happening in my life. Of course, these last three days have also offered quite an insight into my personal life and i am sure that at very least it offered very curious and confusing reading.
I dont expect that i will have much to write about over the next two weeks. life is going to get very busy before we head off to Tenerife and complete our final preparations for the ARC. Some light excitement today though, as we were moving from one port to another, some local marineiros came cruising out in their ribs to tell us that there was a tornado warning and its arrival was imminent. We of course thought they were being over cautious after the flash storm that caught everyone off guard just over a week ago.
we hurried to get the boat securely moored before the winds came but didnt get finished in time to avoid the rain. Soaked to the bone and with the boat secure we headed to the roach bar for coffee when out to sea a twister appeared. thankfully it wasnt heading directly for us but it did hit the island and cause some chaos close by, with roads closed due to more uprooted trees and flash floods from the rain.
It seems that every night this week we have had thunder storms and lots of rain.
In complete contrast, i had a call from a friend today that used to own my local bar here in mallorca. he was in my home town in portugal basking in glorious sunshine, sniffing around for a good local break. lucky beggar
I have also had contact from england. seems the faggot has finally got his arse into gear and will approach davey the ding man about a new custom build 10´2´´ for me. it´s about time too. That old 9´2´´ aint gona last much longer.
nothing else to write at the moment and i wont be leaving the boat until the weekend and of course will be looking for somewhere to watch the rugby.

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