from B to DD, co-efficient women rock!!

ok, read this one well, read it, understand it and digest it, this will be my last entry for a few weeks while i am sailing with the family green. will quite likely set sail from the arctic circle on wednesday evening, probably as soon as blair and i have boarded the boat and from that point on, no internet, no telephone, nothing. just me, a wally and the rest of the crew.
i will promise to wave as we pass england, and to those of you in the algarve, i will also be waving to you too as we round the cape st vincent and head east back to mallorca. i have my thermals, my beanie, my gloves and waterproof sea boots all ready to go. it promises to be an epic adventure and one with many photo opportunities. (
anyhow, lets get back to reality for a moment, co-efficient chicks. the eagle eyed amongst you will have noted two very welcomed notes on my previous entry for co-efficient women. Both of these entries i am pleased to say are not only both from co-efficeient women but also both in approval of that passage. in addition to that, and further proving my theory completely, one weighs in with a whopping double D, the other, a perfectly formed B. now this is where the theory really applies itself. obviously there was potential for me to be proved wrong with the non lineal theory applied to this but my years of research have stood me well, from B to DD, the theory i alive and kicking. Please all say Hi to Mrs. Miggins and her pies, and a long term reader aunty blem blem
I am also glad to say that i have no borderline cases emailled to me for confirmation which must also mean that women are clearly, or absolutely not, co-efficient, there seems to be no middle or confused ground, however, if you are s till confused, you can ask me all you need to know at or from 5 until 6 pm gmt i will host a live chat room for those who still are unsure. just add me to messenger at the same address, send me a cheque or postal order for five johnny english pounds and chat away.
the competition for the free BMW is going well. the site has close to 17000 readers since its birth some two and a half years ago when i left england. Yes i can tell who reads it. it varies from between 50 and 250 reads per week so the BMW could be won as soon as early as november so keep reading.  i can’t tell who reads the footnotes or not though so i may create a new competition just for the footnote readers
on a much ligher note i am getting bored with the temperature here, mid thirties and higher every day, it really is getting me down. i can’t wait to get to the chillier climes of northern norway to feel the ice on my bones. the boat is a safe haven from tourists, we just have to dodge super tankers instead.
be sure to leave a note in my visitors book while i am gone, its always good to see new faces there. and if you do visit this space, please be sure to set your security settings so that i can also read your space too…………..i cant believe there are still people out there that read spaces and block their own………..what is wrong with you?
authors footnote1. Dr. Lineke will sadly be excluded from the footnote competition. Her crime, you all use, well, i added the gorgeous doctor and in the section that asks, how do you know each other, i clicked on the ‘we dated’ option. Sadly , Dr. Lineke did not approve such comments and changed it back to ‘we met randomly’. well, we did date, it ws fun, and now its over, we still get along so why would you feel the need to deny it?
authors footnote 2. I would heartily like to appologise to my sister for forgetting to call her on her birthday. my excuse, both plausible and lame at the same time. i am flying to england at the end of september to attend her 40th birthday. subconciously, ths has been in my mind as her birthday. of course i was wrong, her birthday was August 26th and she is a massive 40 years old, massive 40!!!

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