time passes

let me warn you. its not even eleven o’clock yet but it is already 32 degrees here, not a cloud in sight and the wind has competely dropped.
since my little win on the lottery last week, i also had aother win on friday and one more yesterday, seems i am on a roll !
I have to head to italy next week to deliver a boat to turkey and i have my schedule for Nariida starting on 5th september in norway confirmed, with salary. my schedule is now booked until new year and will include norway, palma, canaries, caribbean, genoa and then back to palma. all of this before new year, not forgetting my little trip to england at the end of september.
the bad news, still not able to surf due to knee injury. i have a sneaky feeling i will not surf while i am here this time. will have to wait for a break in my schedule in november to get back into it. life is tough sometimes.
the fun side, i found someone with a chain saw so this afternoon, that damn fig tree will be down for good. i like trees of course but as no-one is taking the fruit, the tree doubles in size each year and each new shoot produces fruit too so without attention, this tree will take over more of my land than the belgian neighbour next door, and that is some serious square footage.
apart from that, not a great deal more to report. the place is now filling rapidly with tourists so i tend to keep myself to myself.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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