breathing space

got a little time alnoe today so thought i would add a quick update.
the americas cup is officially boring as hell. it is one of those things that people do, purely so that they can brag about it at the top of their voice in their local bar.
yesterday we went out in a rough sea and took a couple of greenies over the bow. the first, ripped the dodger off of the hatch, the second, the chef was climbing out as it came over so we took in quite a lot of water, thankfully, she was heading back in when it hit.
the boat generally is in a bad way. i never get to sleep all through the night without at least one alarm to wake me up. i have been electricuted three times, cracked a rib while crawling into a very tight space, broken my little toe again and last night we managed to dump 1500 litres of water into the pump room!!!
the boss sat me down the other night and asked me if i would be interested in staying on. i told him no, unless he had the apetite to fix the boat up properly, and that would mean some serious downtime over the next three years. amazingly he agreed to do it and settled on a five month refit in florida starting in february. the thought of that did please me, i have always wanted to go to the states for a while, five months of it, all expenses paid, would suit me to a tee. only problem is, i know i will bang heads with the captain all of the time about how a boat of this size should be maintained. from all of the problems that keep me awake at night, i am sure he doesnt have the skills to do it.
then this morning, my favourite yacht, Nariida text me to say i have a job with them, starting september 5th in norway. sailing back to palma and then prep for a race to the caribbean. i am hoping to opt out of the race as i need time out but i will have to fly to the caribbean at christmas to bring the boat back to palma. after that, i have a full on job share with the resident engineer, 3 months on, 3 off , or something like that. details to be thrashed out this evening on the phone but i am not expecting to be dissapointed.
enough for now, i got some electricity to sort out, maybe one more electocution this afternoon
so my options are yet again awesome but sadly i wont get september off to spend in portugal.

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