it finally begins

this afternoon ,or owner arrived with some guests.
thankfully, we are now planning to hit sail tomorrow morning instead of waiting here until saturday for two more guests to join. when you are completely minted like most big boat owners, you can change your mind as often as you like.
so this will be me for the next three months at least, roaming the med, in search of adventure.
i did solve the problem of the missing flip flop though. yesterday while in the wheel house using my computor, i saw a very friendly stray dog walking along with a flip flop. i went out and stopped him and recovered the flip flop. he mentioned to me that he had a compulsive disorder for this sort of thing and admitted stealing my other flip flop – all of this took part in my best language of greek dog
authors footnote – the author would like to issue a running fuck slap to another person who pissed him off today. life is just too short to let these mindless wankers bother us – beat them back into the gutter where they belong

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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