one week later

ok, fair to say, yes, i am still in Rhodes but at least i have survived my first week in one piece. The owner arrives in 5 days time and we finally get to sail, all the way to turkey!
My week has been a bit full on really. I have had a crash course in Jongert engineering, thankfully , they are also famous for the way they create engineers manuals to explain layout and operation of everything they instal……you gotta love the dutch!
I have added a few photos from the boat. It has the best equiped kitchen {galley} that i have ever been in, a massive 22 litre V12 twin turbo diesel engine, two generators, a water maker and lots of hydraulic stuff to boot. I have spent the last two days making a full inventory of all the parts i have in stock and most importantly, which section of the boat they are stored in. i even managed to re-fuel the beast, the tanks hold a whopping 14,000 litres!!! Imagine picking up the tab for that one!
I also added a picture of my toilet. take a look at the size of the hole the poo has to get through!!!! and then think, who’s job is that if they block? and there are 6 of them on the boat! now imagine the size of the skiddies i can leave in the bowl !!!! excellent
I have made all of the engine logs i need to last, and also a data analysis sheet to look at the historical data they produce! the last engineer seemed to prefer not recording anything he did, assuming he did anything.
This afternoon we had a lttle fun without leaving the port. some german tourists on a rental boat tried to moor with their main sail half up. The wind caught them as you would expect and blew them across our bow so that our anchor chain was between their rudder and keel, rubbing on the prop shaft while they sat at right angles across our bow.
in the end, the mate from our boat had to get on theirs and take control to get them in!
tomorrow i have some work to do, monday and tuesday will be full on, wednesday will be final checks befor ethe owner boards and then thursday turkey bound just for one night, then we head to Kos, and then Athens.
I had a walk around Rhodes old town today. an amazing place, looked unbelieveably medieval and relatively untouched, a shoppers paradise, fashion shops, shoe shops, gold and silver shops, al fresco restaurants, it really was something beautiful. if you ever come this way, i recommend a visit.
I almost forgot!!!! the chef on board is absolutely amazing. she cooks two full on meals a day, the sort of meal you would pay top dollar for ina restaurant! this morning she cooked banana muffins with cherries and almonds on top, amazing! i reckon i might be a few kilo’s heavier by the time i return. the smell of freshly baking bread just drives me nuts, but man, she is good at it!
enough for now, dont forget to take a look at the photos to the right

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