nasal hair

what is it with this stuff? all of a sudden, from out of nowhere i am plucking nasal hair each day!! there once was a time in my life when i stood in front of the mirror and happilly squeezed zits but now, big thick black hairs are the order of the day – no more zits!
i got my camera back, and yesterday on my day off, walked into palma looking for dog poo. i only got a couple of shots – the city was unusually
free from shit, i guess there was something happening as the street cleaners were out in force earlier than normal. i havent uploaded them yet, i will do that when i have a more fulfilling montage.
the wind has picked up here, and is currently blowing its tits off. nariida is almost complete, i have maybe two weeks left and then she leaves. I have been in discussion with the engineer about covering his holidays this year, which i guess is a clear sign that i have done some good work for him if he is happy to leave the boat in my hands.
I have two options at the moment. stay here and be land based until the end of september or land a job on a boat for a year. i have a land based option that i need to finalise this week and i am also talking with a captain of another uk based boat which comes highly recommended.
time will tell
anyway – until then – keep ’em peeled!

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