was it Socrates that said

I´m contemplating thinking about thinking?
No, it was robbie williams, but hell of a line anyway.
I have seen something unusual recently. From my world famous veiwing terrace here in palma, i watch people go by and do their things. I generally watch the cars parking and stuff, purely because it is funny as hell. Tonight, something struck me. Normally on the roads here, the locals dont use indicators, most of them dont even use common sense but tonight for the second time this week, i noticed something strange.
the locals will use their indicator to turn out of their parking space when there is bugger all in the road anyway but then, at the cross roads at the top of the road, they wont indicate and no-one has a clue what is going on, amazing.
I promise to do some dog poo photos soon, am kinda busy at the moment working some extra time on nariida and this weekend looks hectic too but keep watching – the Palma Piles of Poo will be here soon

One response to “was it Socrates that said

  • liz

    I was just passing your blog and it made me smile!
    good luck with the dog poo pics 🙂 loved palma harbour when i was their many years ago, very humid and some fantastic yachts!
    bye for now liz

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