techinical issues resolved

ok , so finally, microsoft sorted their problems out. you can now see my photos of new year and your photos in separate presentaions. Although i would still like to say that i am a little short on photos of your new year, get mailing them in to me without further delay to
so i have been easing myself gently back into the work ethic after such a long time away. I went to work for a few hours on friday to try and finish some work on a small boat called concerto, on saturday i went back to do some more, with the full intention of finishing off some more today but when i finally dragged myself out of bed at 11am, i decided to sit and read my book instead. before i knew what time it was, i had been reading for near on four hours.
I need to finish concerto soon as my work on nariida is about to go ballistic. i will try to stay on concerto to do smaller stuff but for the next few months, nariida has my fullest attention, so knuckle down and work hard as hell.
It feels good to be back here, but it also felt good to be at home in portugal for over a week too. Appreciating all the better things in life, like sunshine, surf and beaches.
I did put a for sale sign up before i left. i dont really want to sell but if some fool wants to pay a whole heap of dollars for it, i wont get all sentimental about it. I still fancy a boat job for a year or two and the house would just fall into complete ruin if i didnt keep working on it so it might be a better option, i like to keep all my options open.
Got to spend a little time with the doctor too, on our new electric blanket, absolutely sweet! she will be here in mallorca for a long weekend in the middle of february so i booked a few days off work to make the most of it. Left her in portugal when i came back here but she is probably waiting for her plane home as we speak.
i am keen to see and publish your pictures of new year so get them on an email to me as quick as you can. re-size them if you know how, or just send them if you don´t, i can do it here, it just takes an age to download them all. either way, i want them.
so for now, i leave you to your work and jobs and cold weather, we are still getting 20 degreees here during the day which is unusual. i got a feeling february is going to be very cold.
be good

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