job hunting

well here´s a tale to tell.
this morning i decided that i wouldnt work as planned and left the job i came for. instead, i hope to find more work elsewhere and hopefully with much more money too.
this morning i walked the front at palma and stopped on all the big boats where people were, asking if they need an engineer. so far, no joy although i did dish out a few cards to those that asked.
Thos afternoon i have an interview with a local engineering company and if that doesnt come off, i have another interview on wednesday with a german dude, so i fugure at least one of them would come good.
One boat i stopped at was looking for a third engineer ( a bloody big boat to need three) but as i have no marine tickets, they couldnt take me on. they did have other work next week if i wanted it so i am sure by the end of this week i will again be in full flow.
for now, just weekend and evening work with mason the cock. he decided to record his own ringtone , it goes something like this
COCK – cock cock cock.
one long burst and then 3 short ones. kinda funny when his phone rings, makes you want to call him even if you are sitting next to him.
Oh well, i guess it is time for dinner now, half twelve and i am hungry, have an interview at 2 so wish me luck

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