live and direct from maastricht

let me tell you a little about this place.  I have only found one down side to it, that is that i had to come through belgium to get here. I guess that is a little like spain being so close to portugal?
But Maastricht, is a place that most brits only know of because of the maastricht treaty of 1991. i must admit, i new bugger all about it when i got here. so the reality is that actually, it is one of those places in europe that everyone should visit just to see that places like this really do exist.
Ok, so i havent met anyone wearing clogs yet but the place is still amazing. the city is quiet and clean, why, because cars are not allowed in many of the streets, bicycles rule the roads here which makes for an incredible silence and cleanness. I have heard just one emergency siren in three days – just one.
bicycles and pedestrians have right of way over cars so it just is easier to walk or bike everywhere. those old fashioned bikes too, you know the sort, three speeds that gently and slowly tick away as people peddle them. And everyone has the same style of bike too. Most people lock them up when they leave them, some dont.
I have only seen two policemen here but there seems to be absolutely nothing for them to do. so i guess this would be a cool place to live , if only they had an ocean!!
yeah, ok, i was a little bummed by the price of a bottle of water in the airport, 2 euros but the place does have a friendly feel to it. the town itself is split in two halfs by the river maas but is similar on both banks. the whole bike thing just adds to the attraction of the city, it is a very peaceful and relaxed town with its own chic. calf length boots, dark tights and thigh length skirts make it hard to wander around the town without suffering from a wandering mind, a tricky thing to accomplish when you are walking with a very sexy young doctor (ok, how many of you now have the theme music to Young Doctors in your head ?)
tomorrow i return to portugal, where , no doubt it will be raining still. just enough time to pack up my car and head to mallorca for the next six months. this trip i sm looking forward to, with a new year break in portugal to do some surfing  and generally kick back.
the rest of me is struggling to write today so i would like to leave you with two thoughts
have you ever seen spider poo?
did you know that the dutch for whipped cream is slagroom ?
enough – i have to go

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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