help, i am alive and well and living in tourist hell

the place is full now so i try not to go out for the whole of august.

i scored a couple of sunset sessions at tonel this week. one was spoiled a little by the shouting from the beach bar. i never understand why these dumb ass kids have to shout ‘whooo hoooo’ all the time.

i was out on the water and could hear the noises. i shrunk a little bit hoping that they werent english, the germans were also thinking , mein gott, i hope zey are not germans, the french were thinking sacre bleu, i ope dey are not french, the italians were thinking where is my next bowl of pasta and the spanish were thinking, that sounds like fun, shall we go?

yep, you guessed it, a whole bloody tribe of spanish spunkers, dancing on the tables and generally being a bunch of ass wipes! there are tons of them here this year, more than i ever remember and all of them have the same middle name – arrogant!

but there is one exception, a guy called gonbzalo, he busted his car good and proper and came into the garage but man, what a nice dude, polite and all, he changed my opinion of your average spanish spunker straight away.

so we have a bank holiday weekend here now, no more work until wednesday. mason hits portugal on thursday so might actually make some headway with the house repairs.

i finally removed the little wall and soil that the drunk fool next door had put down on my garden while trying to claim the land as his own. i threw the bricks all over his garden and dumped the soil onto his gravel path. i went to the police yesterday to report it. when i told the plod about the neighbour being a mad belgian, the policeman described him perfectly to me, seems everyone knows the old fool, for all the wrong reasons. i am guessing that he wont stay around much longer.

I have now rented the annex of the house too. a friend, justin, is using it to make surfboards. i figure that i wont have the money to restore it until later next year so i might as well rent it to him in the mean time, its all good.

maybe will have to make a project too to make the changes to the building, will have a chat with a builder soon, could put the plans in while i am away and see what happens.

so my plans for tomorrow are to check out the surf early and then potter around the house, maybe put up the security lights i bought last month and clean out the place a little bit – does my life rock or what?

and just in case my 88 year old granma has suddenly become computer literate and is reading my page, still no news on the woman front – sorry !

special hello’s to max, as always, Verity for always being stunning, alex for being a complete fag, chips for being so in love with his tart that he has forgotten about ALL of his chums and georgia lee because i totally forgot about her birthday again, and if i forgot hers, it also means i forgot her dads too.

i bet i remember my sisters though

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