completely wasted

last night, masons fault – i blame him.
in true wayne tradition i have spent the whole day recovering, including getting out of bed at midday to be sick!
tried to meet with mason at 4pm but was still too shakey to do any work.  wierd thing is, i knew it was a late night – as we walked past pacha on the way home at just after 4am, people were still queing to get in, but i didnt think i had drank quite so much  – infact i wonder if i did drink a lot or am i just getting worse with old age?
Had no water in the house and couldnt face getting up to go and get some until nearly 6 this evening. and when i got home, i realised how much i had been charged for the water and chocolate – robbing bastards!!
so now, i come to the net cafe, log on ready for dave pearce and wish i was still at home in bed. completely wasted. I tune in , just in time to hear that the very lovely portuguese songstress nelly furtado – sad thing is, heavy american accent !! bummer
so, here i am, still counting down to the zero hour – only 20 days left.  missing the place so much , i have been checking out rob the soaps space with all those local pictures on. I wonder if i have any surf strength left?
i am also thinking this nelly furtado track is a load of crap !! bet you a pound to a penny that it is not number one next week. also, my curiosity tells me that i reckon she will be touring the uk soon and to help promote that, the record company will have bought the number one spot.
oh well – welcome to corporate england – following the lead from corporate america – fuck yeah !!!
lets see what dave will kick off with………………….
I also decided tonight that i will start packing up my stuff ready to leave. yeah i guess you could say it is a little premature but there is a lot of stuff i dont use now, like winter work clothes. I also need to start cleaning out the apartment. My hosts will be back any day now and would like to leave it clean. I have been there for 10 weeks now and have only seen them for two nights – and the place is real cool, ask coop and christine if you don`t believe me.
Have one book left to read but will save that for the ferry as i am taking a slow one, 9 hours plus. Saving `Clear and present danger` for that one.  If i cant survive another 20 days without a book, i will drop by the second hand bookshop and buy some more to keep me busy.
Apart from that, will work as much as possible to top up the bank, maybe two more trips to the bank to convice bank girl that she should actually have dinner with me before i leave.
but apart from that – all my work here is done.

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