like a ticking clock

27 days left.
soon that loud blast of the foghorn will be for me.
well it is hair cut time again, wednesday at 6.45 to be precise.  Undecided as to what will have though, maybe a quick nip, a severe cut or maybe give creative liscense to the hairdresser and see what happens.  I did enjoy the drive to mikes this morning though, windows down, wind blowing my hair everywhere – it really would be a shame to have it all cut off, it has taken an age to grow it.
just past shoulder length again so definately gotta loose some of it. A part of me always wanted electric blue hair, maybe i will ask to see if they have any dye.
so not much more has happened since my last posting. worked yesterday and today, its all money in the bank. Magaluf was minging as i passed through, loads of people that shouldnt wear what they think they should – although – there was one honey that was worth it. in my appreciation and prolonged stare , i nearly had a head on with a taxi……..just rewards for looking at something in magaluf.
so as the weekend closes , i sit here again with dave pearce on the headphones, all i need now is faggot on line so we can play name that tune as we listen in unison – but he´s probably off cottaging somewhere.
so a distinct lack of hunnies this weekend, been kept out of trouble doing other stuff, like cleaning the car for the second time in 7 days – what is wrong with me!
Blasted a new book this week, got me hooked on this one, will add it to my reviews soon but it gets better with each turn of the page.
scoffed all four packets of chocolate digestives that i bought on friday night, my milk count is also totting up, at this rate i might turn into a cow and start munching on grass.
so what happened to bank girl? nothing, i went in on monday and got served by another woman but i decided that bank girl was a bit of a dog anyway.
nice waitress in monolistos on friday night – she looked well dirty (and i dont mean unwashed). black hair, black eyes and a husky sexy spanish voice. something tells me i might be going there for dinner one night. i need to learn some chat up lines in spanish!!!!!!
well i guess that will do for tonight, just off to listen to nelly furtado on the radio one homepage – dave pearce sucks tonight.

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