thank the lord for clouds!

monday was spent on deck re-fitting all of the winches, eyes, loops, handles etc. It was so hot all day i came very close to burning even with my oil on. that wouldnt have been good after taking the piss out of the emmetts last week would it!!
so today, started off clear but windy and by mid morning we had cloud cover. good for me , i was on deck again all day. no sun burn, no wind burn but by evening time it was a chilly 17 degrees or so. i was goosey and nipply all at the same time. havent been like that for a while.
tonight had a call from Julia in portugal, seems the electricity board had paid a visit, i owed them 125€. after a little thought, i called her back and asked her to check the bank book.  Seems they are quite happy to collect the money on direct debit but not so happy to apply it to my account. Anyway, julia will head to lagos this week and sort it out for me – kinda makes me feel glad she took the house, could have left it in the hands of a complete gimp and been in serious trouble.
curiosity got the better of me last night – i emailled gentleman jim to see where he is in the world. heard nothing back as yet but will let you know as soon as i do.
still looking at ferry tickets, and will head to the port this weekend to see if i can get more details. when one web site quotes you less than half that the others do, you gotta wonder whats going on.
apart from that, am on countdown now, one month to go, five paydays to pass, no more rent to pay, life could be good this summer.
will have to look for a touristy job when i get home, russ got so busy he had to find someone else to fill my boots – impossible i hear you scream, i am unique………but alas it is true – maybe i can flip burgers at the cape for a few months. either way, will have more time to surf this year so will make th emost of that, certainly will make up for the drought that has been here.
on that very subject, the wind is blowing its tits off at the moment so maybe it will bring in some swell to play on ?
but i doubt it

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