just one cornetto

give it to me.
well, glad i logged on at 8pm (7uk time) dave pearce in full flow.  yes i know, i am a band width leach but i am sure the other users in the cafe wont mind a slow pc for an hour or so. Just think, two years ago, i would have been listening to this in england ironing my shirts ready for the week at work!!
ok, so here we go, been a bit sporadic this week but i will try and fill you in (not litterally of course)
the girls left this morning – i am confused. normally, in one week, i would have just one bag of waste to throw out. So, logically, if there is three of use for one week, you might expect three bags of rubbish, maybe four or even five but no………………………………..this week i have taken 9 bags of waste to the bins, i wonder how these chicks manage to consume and generate so much stuff – answers can be posted to my site but if you drop an F bomb on me, i will delete your comments (christine collier) so keep it clean and logical.
So after dropping the tarts off at the airport, i decided to clean the bathroom. Then mason rang, did i want to go to a vintage car rally? so bagged along and had a look, some real cool old stuff there including a couple of convertible bugs 1303´s, loads of old moto guzzi´s and even an old bright orange Jota in pristine condition.
when we had finished, he told me he was off wakeboarding in the afternoon – did i fancy it ?  oh yeah – never tried that before but sadly was called off at the last minute – otherwise i could have broken a leg or two.
for any of you that remember my old friend ´pecker´mason is a lot like him, with the same facial expressions and even a similar tone of voice.
been looking at my route back home, gonna be one hell of a drive.  decided to leave glorious mallorca on 1st July and drive all the way home to portugal, some 1000kms away – a good solid 10 hours.  decided against stopping in gibraltar, i just wanna ge thome to see what is happening back there and finally grab some surf.
three months out of the water will have taken its toll on me for sure.  but i will be back. my plan is to return to mallorca in november and stay for another 6 months but this time i dont think i will bother with my boards.

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