it had to happen !!

they came back from the beach today with sunburn !!!!
oh yeah – despite all i told them, christine managed to get burned – please all feel free to laugh out loud.
so my day at work started badly, just one of those very bad moods that soon cleared by mid morning. Headed off to ikea for lunch with mason and a bit of babe spotting – always fun there!
tonight, i had some documents from my friend rob the soap at to help with the translation into english so that he can tap into a new market. Soapy is a good guy so i am more than happy to help. It has been at his hands that i have managed to get too drunk on many occasions.
so tonight i thought i should update my page. i am still waiting for details of an old friend of mine, Jo Beach to get her space up and running and to tell me where to find it. she was a complete cutie when i knew her but had a boyfriend …………..imagine how gutted i was when i found out she left him and married some other dude without even calling me first!  i am expecting her to be 100% MILFY though, keep watching my links to friends spaces to see what she is all about.
Kade gave me a copy of the latest Pearl Jam cd today, havent bought any of their stuff for a few years so will be good to see how they have progressed. To return the favour, i will lend him my copy of dave grohl acoustic – i know he will be in awe.
staying on the subject of music, if anyone out there has a copy of radio head playing live at glastonbury late 1990´s please let me know. the track both kade and me are after is karma police.  I asked the music guru herself – Max but she is all loved up again so will be slow to respond to the mail.
well i guess not more to tell you tonight but feel free to drop me a line or leave me a comment.
thanks for listening, and i would like to leave you with an unrelated qoute that touched me last week.
Pete Burns – you can lead a horse to water but can´t make it drink, you can lead a tart to culture but you can´t make her think!!!!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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