chocolate digestives

did you know, there are exactly 17 biscuits in a packet.  i did begin to wonder why 17, 18 would have been better because i can get 6 digestives to one glass of milk, having 18 in a packet would have made a nice round even 3 glasses of milk – sometimes life can be so difficult.
anyway, today was bloody hot, we hit the 30´s today. i manage to neck three litres of water while i am at work and then straight to the fridge when i get home. the boat gets as hot as a sauna – i kid you not.
i have some visitors coming from england at the weekend, lyndsey and christine will be here for a week. i have already had the dumb questions like…..
how hot is the water
how cold is the water
what time does it get hot
what time does it get cold
one thing is for sure, even though i have told them to bring at least factor 15 and plenty of it – i just know that they will ignore me again and get burned like a lobster on day one. just like they did in portugal!  you can´t beat the brits for their suncare attitude.
which brings me nicely onto today i found out that i was
according to kade the tasmanian, because i use suncream and moisturisers and lip balm, i am in the same league as david beckham, a new, new form of modern man.
i justified it by remembering the wrinkly old folk in portugal that have had a life in the sun – i dont want to look like that when i get old.
so finally, after 36 years i have been type cast – no more an individual, i am now a beckham – so long as i dont have to have a wife with over inflated breasts , i should be ok.
well, i have a surprise for the ladies when they get here at the weekend – will be heading to some very secret spots at the northern tip of the island, a good couple of hours away, they can cook in the sun like a steak on a grille while i laugh at them for being completely unprepared.
yeah baby
watch this space

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