mills and boon

a sad state of affairs i  know, but i finished all my good books.
out of desperation, i picked up a book that was laying around in the apartment.  I know, i shouldnt really admit this but it is a Mills and Boon!!!
but heres the thing, the author is a woman. I am now being treated to a romance novel from a womans perspective.  Try to imagine, i read over 100 pages before the two characters got to the kissing stage. If the author were a man, by page two , he would have been wiping his knob on the curtains.
Anyway, i hate to admit this too, but i am somewhat rivetted, i cant wait to get home and read some more.
in order to keep the male balance, i just popped into the second hand shop here in santa catalina and bought a couple of books, both by tom clancy, i think when i have finished them, i have read all of his work. maybe by christmas, i will start to write my own.
anyway, time to go

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