sunday solitude

kinda hard to find over here but i tried anyway.
i left the apartment this morning and headed to Portals to get some water and amongst other things some bog roll.
From there, i headed to magaluf. Mike commented the other day that i smelled like magaluf beach.  this was not a bad thing in my case, i had put some hawaiian tropics on for the day.  I needed more so i guessed magaluf would be a good place to start.  he wasnt wrong.
the first place i stopped at, had exactly what i wanted. Nearly 14 euros but still a tad cheaper than portugal.  The girl behind the kiosk even seemed happy to serve me.
I dorve through the epicentre of shag city on the way out. the place was starting to turn from the pensioner escape that it becomes over the winter, into the sperm exchange it would become for the summer months – full of brits.
i was warmed by the fact that here, they are as easy to spot as in portugal. shaved heads, white legs, bulldog frowns and the obligatory beer bellies, and thats just the women!!!!
i decided magaluf beach was not for me although it was still quite empty.  I headed back to portals to find my own little secret spot to sit and read my book.
It would have been completely a waste of time going to a sandy beach so i lurked around the rocky shores behind millionaires row. as i walked along, there were a couple of locals fishing, i passed them and settled out of site in a very small harbour ( and i mean very small)
I had finally found my secluded spot. I stripped, oiled up and grabbed my book. For an hour i sat completely undisturbed, completely naked, not a worry in the world, until a family decided that my secret spot needed to be disturbed.
Out of common decency, i put my shorts on, although some of you might argue that they are not exactly decent.
But my solitude was gone, i decided to pack up and head in search of coffee and something to eat.
I stopped at a small beach in Bendinat.  The beach was full and all the seats in the cafe were full where the sun shone. I didnt much care, i sat at the back of the cafe all alone in the shade, ordered an overpriced burger and a coffee and opened my book.
Bugger me, 30 minutes later a family arrived, confirmed their reservation for 12 and sat right next to me, screaming kids and all.
what more could i do? i packed up and headed to portals for a hot chocolate at Lloyds. It was good there, everyone else was at the beach so i sat and finished yet another good book, soon i will run out of reading material thats for sure.
I headed home and took a shower but not before. after a break of nearly two years, i took a razor to my face and had a shave.  I also decided that i need a serious hair cut – a complete change is on the cards so watch this space.
i got some photos of my secret spot, the clear water and also one photo of a window that has been bothering me for ages, you will find that in my photo album next door.
So my solitude is over for now – i will return to the apartment and chill out for the rest of the day.
I really missed being in portugal today. i could have easily found a hundred secluded spots there, or even lounged on my terrace for a while. Dont get me wrong, i think mallorca is well worth the time for a visit, it is racked with things to do and from one end of the island to the other there are complete contrasts but it just aint portugal. of course the lack of waves is a real pisser but soon i will be home.

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