something for the weekend?

not bloody likely.
ok, i left the apartment this morning, full of city stress.  as i pointed my key at the car, before i could even blip the remote fob, there was some spanish twat honking his horn at me, wanting my parking space. i looked up, gave a look of certain death, called him a f**king c**t and carried on getting in my car.
i gathered that he spoke no english, or at least not those two words because he waved and smiled at me. I gave up my space.
I like living in palma, it is ideal for me. The only one thing i dislike is when i have to take my car out once a week to surf, shop or go somewhere. I know if i am not back home by 7pm, there will be bugger all parking for streets and streets.
So i left this morning to go and pay my rent and i was also going to go shopping.  In the end, i couldnt be botheres to shop so i loaded up my boards and headed to sundowners for a bacon sandwich and a quick scan on to see if there was going to be any swell.
it looked like it would be worth the trip up north, the site was forecasting over a metre for around midday so i kicked off and went north.
i was quite a way into my drive before i finally relaxed, and of course, i knew the exact moment. The mountains to my left, as i crossed the serengeti (thats éndless plain´to you commoners) the distance boards told me i was 44kms away from alcudia, the tune now playing, a very cool old retro tune from the begining of house music in the uk,  Shades of Rythm – the sound of eden.  you might remember this more as évery time i see her´. so that took me back 15 years or so.  while i was fealing nostalgic, a little, Lisa Lisa Cult Jam – let the beat hit ém, and finished the set with Sam Ellis – club lonely, an absolute monster track
so i was settled into my drive. Alcudia was my first stop, flatter than a witches tit, so i headed around the bay and found a secluded little spot next to a small harbour.
Not as secluded as i thought, there were ten surfers in the water, the wave was lame but in the sets there were two waves that were worth taking. If you got it right, you could get a 5 second ride before being smashed into the rocks, and of course, for each one of those waves, there could be all ten of the guys paddling for it – complete carnage – i decided to push further around the bay and stopped at a little place called colonia de sant pere, where the road stopped because of the mountains.
here i seriously considered de-bagging and going in, there was a very small wave, a nice right hander but the rocks were a real concern. I have pictures to the right and will also try to add some video footage that i shot. The rocks are real sharp and there was no way in apart from walking out on the rock shelf, waiting for a wave to come in then jump over it with the board. worse than that, if i had caught a wave, there was nowhere to get out of the ocean again.
I decided to head further north to another beach i knew, cala mesquida
when i got there , surfers everywhere, big messy white waves and some cheeky twat asked me in spanish if i was there for lessons.  he definately understood english when i told him to fuck off!!
I watched a couple of guys in the water but they were struggling in the white wash on short boards so i knew i would have little or no chance. I turned and headed back to colonia de sant pere.
this time i gave serious consideration to goin gin, i looked closely at the rocks but they were as sharp and jagged as a serrated kitchen knife, and there was not another soul in sight.
i decided finally that today , i didnt want to die and turned for home, i could go to porto pi and do some shopping instead.
tomorrow i am going to magaluf to find some hawaiian tropics sun cream and will sit on the beach for the day.
i will try to attach videa from colonia de sant pere – keep watching
alex, give me your dates for portugal dude, and make sure you make it for two full weeks, when all the grommets, grockles and emmetts have gone back to cloud cuckoo land.

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