the hunt for PG – pt 2

hurrah for the british secret service.
finally got my hands on a box of 80 tea bags this morning, a whopping 6 euros though. i celebrated by having three cups during the day, all of course with brown sugar.
so what has been happening?
well ,this week i just about finished off on cinderella II.  she is due to sail on monday and i have to say i will miss her.  i have spent the best part of three months working on her, with the odd excursion to other boats, the wierd thing is, the average joe that gets on the boat will not be able to see one piece of my work, nor sadly, will they appreciate it (apart from the octopus and also the sea chest – if they failed the boat would sink very quickly).
so, monday morning will see my final inspection over the boat.
Paddy left us on friday – wont quite be the same without his cheeky face around and it will also mean one less person to buy the coffee each day.
Saturday night was his wife, Suzi´s 40th birthday. Her twin sister was also in town from blighty so i headed to a small beach bar where i met, had some dinner and a few coca cola´s and chatted with some new people.
this was the scene for the ´MEETING OF THE MILF´. I was introduced to what can only be described as the queen of all that is milfy. this chick was a stunner despite being a smoker and i am sure you know how i feel about that. long black hair, dark eyes, 31 years, great figure, beautiful teeth, slinky thin lips, colar bones and shoulders you could kiss all night long and dimples too!
well we got chatting but things started going astray.  no, not my normal quality chat up, but being a single mum, she had some very protective friends.  it seemed like they took it in turns to watch us. each time we got over the small talk and i was about ready to approach the phone number question, they could sense it and came in for the ´shield manouvre´.  someone would walk in and start chatting with her and thus divert her attention from me.  the first couple of times i took it all in my stride, but the third time, with ´big john´i decided that i was flogging a dead horse and moved off.
a real shame though – generally speaking i have no intentions of dating english chicks but haley was definately worth it.
i did also have a little flirt with one of the waitresses but my spanish just aint upto the approach level just yet.
And i guess it is only fair that i tell you about one that i let slip right away!  sometimes i can be a real dumb ass.  I told you about my new phone? well while cycling to the vodafone shop to buy it i got flagged down by a leaflet girl who was also selling phones but for another network. we got chatting, first in spanish, then in english and of course, after a good deal i was prepared to be and actually was being a big flirt.
i didnt realise until i was leaving that she was actually enjoying the chat as much as me, infact i didnt realise until i was leaving and she called to say goodbye as i rode off, her hair blowing in the breeze, a happy smile and a cute little wave. So what happened next?  i carried on cycling to the vodafone shop !!!!  what a dick !
so, my luck with the women hasnt changed in the last 6 months – which brings me curiously back to my last girlfriend, sandra – who decided to call me at 5am on saturday morning, obviously she was just home after a night out.  i never answered and shortly afterwards i got a text appologising for the call. OK, heres my point.  On the assumption that you didnt wake someone with a call, text them, the bleep bleep might just wake them up, or like me , if you just drifted off again, it will wake you for a second time.
I had been talking with sandra again, seems we had both been missing each other a little and maybe a reconciliation was on the cards – well it may have been , until i became aware that she had been shagging an australian!!  i hate these twats, they come to my beaches jumping around like little gay rabbits with their stupid fucking accents and skip across the sand when there is a foot of onshore slop.  now what really gets me is that sandra was well aware of my dislike for our antipidean buddies , from which i can only deduce that she deliberately found one and did him just to piss me off.  from that i figure there is no going back and yes, she did manage her objective.
on a lighter note, i lent cinderella my new full gas bottle on saturday morning, after all , i had a spare and i could refill her empty one.  problem was, in the shower this morning, the gas ran out amd it is a real shitter to buy gas here on a sunday, had to find my way across town and search for the repsol gas depot. found it in the end and have hot water once more. thankfully, the kettle is electric so it never stopped the flow of PG.
The hunt for roller blades keeps me entertained. i Headed to decathlon again in the week, hell bent on finally buying a pair – it was my third visit to the place, but still managed to come away empty handed.  the thought of spending 100 bucks scares me.  maybe one day soon.
so what does the week hold for me now?  a few more hours with cinderella, then onto some big motor yacht for some turbo diesel action and then maybe some work on 50/50.
i will of course drop on for some rants and raves during the week so please drop by and say hi.

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