given to fly

today at the boat yard i couldnt help but notice a big fat tosser pulling up on what was a big low and fat custom bike, something like a dragstar i think.
anyway, while casting a look i noticed the front tyre was a little low on pressure. i considered my next actions for a moment, surely the guy would have noticed the curious handling from a tyre that was clearly low on pressure?
i pondered a little longer while i carried on with my work until my better side came out. I wandered over to the dude and in my best spanish told him the tyre was flat and needed air.
he looked at me all confused. i asked if he was english, of course he was.
i told him in english about his tyre. said it would have him off at the next turn and he should blow it up.
guess what he said?
ít´s in for a service next week, they will do it then´!!
what a complete wanker!!  unfortunately this is the sad face of modern biking, full of fat sad old twats that havent got a clue.  I am sure my buds back in england would agree.  out here there are loads of them, born again, trying to look cool on their harley fat boys when the only thing fat about them is their lazy ass bellies laying on the tank.
i doubt he realised the handling was off and i doubt even more that he knew how to use the tyre gauge at the petrol station – the gimp!
for ryan

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