at last, a local internet cafe

and to really make matters better, its cheaper, closer and with better equipment, not to mention the chill out music in the background!!
only 1 euro per hour – god , sometimes i can be such a tight ass! a complete contrast to those corporate slag days when money was no object! sometimes i can amaze myself just how much money you can save when you need to.
so my new apartment is still really cool. in the 8 days i have been there, i have only shared the place for one night with the flatmates.  seems they may hotfoot back to holland shortly too so that they can be aboard their new boat.
yesterdays beach trip went completely tits up. I toured the island for hours looking for surf but nothing. did find a cool new beach though, that came highly recommended by paddy, a place called És Trenc´. Mikey D also tells me when it is on, holds a cool wave for longboards.  sadly , yesterday there was nothing worth getting out of the car for!!
after that, i headed north to beaches that spanked my ass last time. not a good move, hours of driving resulted in flatter water than you could ever imagine.  the beaches were littered with honeys though but that was little compensation, i want waves, not curves!!!
i decided not to stay the night on the beach as planned, figured that a night in the sand was not worth it if the waves were there. after a months slog at work, the rest was welcome.
gave nick the engineer from cinderella a call, he leaves this week and thought it would be rude not to have a beer with him.  ended up with beer and tapas with the whole crew, andy the skipper, linda, isabel the french chick, nick and german phil. turned into a late night, 2am i got in, i guess that is early by local standards.
so shattered today that i did absolutely bugger all apart from jet wash the car, first time in three months. now heres a thing. you go to a jet wash in blighty and it is a feeble little thing, you stick five quid in and have to run around the car liek a madman to do the job before the time runs out. here , things are different. the jetwash has the power of an industrial one, it has hot water in it and for three euros, i got to walk around the car four times gently washing it down.
so now, i am in the cafe, pondering what to do next. i will need a poo soon , thats for sure but then maybe i will just sleep for the rest of the day.
next week will be manic too but i am hoping that we wont work the weekend again, it is easter after all. saturday is mikey d´s birthday so a she dload of us are heading out for something to eat. i might actually get to see his new born too.
so i guess thats all for now but now that there is a good cafe close by, i hope to be more regular again.
my next project will be to photograph some of the old old cars that run around here, maybe even make a competition out of it and see who can remember most of them.
keep warm

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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