past the point of exhaustion

so much so, i was actually late for work this morning but then again, we have been full on for three weeks straight, including weekends. tomorrow morning have a few small things to do on cinderella and then i am off up the north coast for some quality beach time, including an overnight beach fest with me and my surfboards and a sleeping bag – i am absolutely shattered.
will be sleeping rough on the beach with the sand between my tootsies, maybe with a bottle of jack by my side. with a bit of luck , there may even be a wave.
cinderella is back in the water now and looking as awesome as ever.
the new apartment is really cool. the flat mates have not been seen since i moved in so all in all a good deal.  no tv in the place so catching up with some books.
a few hours of work tomorrow and then i am gone, not to return until after dark on sunday evening.
i have no idea whan i will be back here again, soon i will find an internet cafe closer to home.
enough for now, i have other things to do

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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